Ending the Isolation
in Modern Communities

Traditional social media was supposed to help us maintain personal contact, but we’ve found that this kind of digital interaction is impersonal. It also leads to increased isolation and feelings of loneliness. This is typical, yet we still feel a sense of shame when we talk about it.

VibeGather is here to bring people together and connect on a meaningful personal level. After a short survey about your personality, interests, and meetup preferences, you’ll be set up with like-minded individuals and be on your way to building lasting social connections.

Our service is for individuals over the age of 18 who enjoy meeting like-minded peers and eating out.

Safety & Convenience

When you sign up, we’ll ask you to answer a few questions to ensure the safety of everyone. If we notice that someone needs more than social gatherings, we first provide them with the necessary resources before we add them to social groups.

VibeGather’s unique approach will help you save time and money by expediting the process of initiating social connections.

Our Founder

A Licensed Mental Health Therapist
& Psychotherapist

Nadia Hassan, the founder of VibeGather has made it her life mission to help reduce isolation and loneliness. Through her practice in New Jersey, she has helped many people improve their lives. But she wanted to do more. Her dream is to bring a unique service to communities to help heal fragmented social connections.

She believes that the loneliness and isolation many people experience today is an epidemic and understand how devastating it can be for individuals everywhere.

To bring her message of hope to the world and provide people with the tools to break free of the pain of isolation and loneliness, she started VibeGather.

A Note About VibeGather


We provide a service that helps people to meet and socialize, which can help prevent suicide or any mental illness that may develop from isolation. However, we don’t guarantee that mental illnesses will be reduced if a person becomes more social, though we do encourage users to add social gatherings to their healthy lifestyle like exercise and healthy diets.