Isolation in Modern Communities


The World Wide Web has produced a technology that has changed the face of business and society. This new technology has helped to advance societies in many ways but has also led to the need to adapt to the social isolation it has generated. Just as new technologies in previous decades have introduced great advantages and drawbacks, the same can be said of the World Wide Web. Internet access has led to the creation of many social media platforms, allowing people to maintain personal contact but the contact on these platforms has remained largely at an impersonal level. As a result, individuals in present-day societies have become increasingly lonely and isolated due to our busy schedules, divorce, or relocation for education or career. Yet, we still feel a sense of shame when we talk about loneliness, and until we are ready to remove the stigma associated with loneliness and isolation, nothing will change and can possibly get much worse.


Research by The Institute of Loneliness Index in the US has shown that over 45% of US citizens experience loneliness most of the time. Another study conducted by the NPR showed that 35% of US citizens eat their evening’s meals alone. This figure means that there are 100 million people suffering from loneliness in this country, supporting just how widespread this societal condition has become.



VibeGather Connects People in a Meaningful Way


VibeGather has come up with an innovative solution to allow people to meet other like-minded individuals in a fun and safe environment. Using an in-house, uniquely designed algorithm, VibeGather provides opportunities for its members to connect with other users for the purpose of creating friendships that match their personality type, interests, and geographic area. While personal contact on the Internet is not new, VibeGather’s intention is to restore social skills and help people to connect on a personal and meaningful level. VibeGather has been developed to cater for the needs of individuals over the age of 18-years who are struggling to meet like-minded peers due to their busy lifestyles, divorce, or relocation.


To ensure the safety of everyone, VibeGather will ask users to answer a few questions and if they notice that someone needs more than social gatherings, then they first provide them with the necessary resources before adding them to social groups. VibeGather intention is to prevent depression associated with loneliness and isolation from occurring by providing a social platform that will help people easily meet like-minded people without the added stress of going to large events or meetups that may not fit their interest in the first place. Also, VibeGather intention is to save people money and time to help expedite social connections before it’s too late. VibeGather is not a platform to treat mental illness; they are providing a platform to encourage people to meet and socialize to prevent suicide or any mental illness that may develop from isolation. However, VibeGather doesn’t guarantee that mental illnesses will be reduced if a person becomes more social, but encourages users to add social gatherings to their healthy lifestyles like exercise and healthy diets.


When isolation causes depression, slowly but surely it will lead a person to social anxiety and other mental illnesses and the continuous cycle of addiction to social media, fear mongering, and hate between different communities. Everyone needs to feel that they belong because if they don’t, it will lead them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. 


Let’s become more social, let’s become more open to people who may seem different from us but have so much in common with us. VibeGather aims at bringing new hope to people battling the scourge of loneliness and isolation in the US and around the world.