Our Pricing

Pricing overview

  • To sign up for VibeGather account is free
  • To receive a short personality report is free
  • To take the 5 minutes pre-personality assessment is free
  • To create a profile is free
  • To be matched with 5 other like-minded users is free
  • To chat with 5 other like-minded users is free

STANDARd pricing







Free to Join

Free to Join. Take a Personality Exam, design your Profile, and get matched for meetups with other users in your area.

Cost of a Meetup

You will be charged $1.99 for every meetup that you attend - less than the price of a cup of coffee!

No-Show Fee

If you miss a meetup that you were scheduled for and didn’t provide a 24 hours notice, a fee of $4.99 will be charged to your account.

Reactivation Fee

If you miss three (3) meetups without providing 24 hours notice, your account will be deactivated. To reactivate your account, you must agree to a $19.99 reactivation fee.

Premium pricing COMING SOON

Membership fee


Cost of a Meetup


No-Show Fee

  • (Includes background check and more meetup customization)
  • Membership monthly fee: $4.99
  • If user attended the meetup: $2.99 per user/ per meetup
  • If user didn’t show up or failed to cancel within 24 hours: $ 5.99 per user/ per meetup
  • If user has 3 no shows, account will be deactivated: To reactivate account $19.99